WWOOF: What & Why

WWOOF stands for World Wide Opportunites on Organic Farms and it exists in 45 countries. You work for free and in exchange get free housing and food. The website charges a small fee for insurance and membership. After you pay, you get a list of the farms in the country you chose and their contact information. You can email or call them and set up a date to come to their farm. WWOOFing has been one of the most amazing experiences and recommend it to anyone who enjoys meeting new people and cultures and working. You arrange a schedule with each farm, but typically you work about 6 hours per day and have weekends off to explore. Here is more info from their website. Luke and I prefer this method of traveling because it allows you to travel longer and experience more of the culture, language, cuisine, and locals.

Here are our top 7 reasons you should WWOOF

1. Budget-friendly:

You don’t pay for rent or food, so it’s actually cheaper than living normally AND you get to travel

2. Longer Trip:

Because it’s so inexpensive, you get to travel with the same amount of money for 2-4 times longer.

3. Not a Tourist:

When you take a 2 month trip and stay in hotels/hostels and sightsee the whole time, it gets really old. This way you experience the real thing and don’t get stuck in the crowds. At the same time, you can still go be a tourist on your weekends off! Perfect!

4. You become a world-class chef:

Ok maybe not quite, but you do learn a lot about cooking local cuisines and it is very useful (and delicious).

5. Learning:

Not only do you learn about organic farming, but you also gain character, learn cool skills, languages, and life skills.

6. Language and Culture:

WWOOF is one of the best ways to learn the unfiltered culture and practice or learn the language. This is especially true if you travel in different regions of the country and can see the small differences.

7. Instagram Gains:

This sounds really dumb, but if you care about that kind of stuff, it really does make your instagram cooler haha. See here. Farming and traveling are photogenic so your posts will really upgrade your insta wall. Using hashtags #wwoof and #wwoof+the country you’re in, will help your posts flourish. (disclaimer: this shouldn’t be more than 1/100th of the reason you want to WWOOF).

It also gives you a really cute video if you take clips throughout your visit.


WWOOFing allows you to meet so many amazing people and shows you how wonderful people are. Staying in someone’s home and learning from them is such a deep and heart-warming experience. We met some of our favorite people ever through WWOOF. Human connection is one of the most, if not the most, important and fulfilling things in life.


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