WWOOF: Planning & Emails

I suggest using skyscanner.com to find the best flights and deals. It’s way easy to use and I have yet to find a site that consistently finds the lowest price! skyscanner_RGB_cirrus1

Two months before we left, I emailed over 20 farms a copy-and-pasted message. Here are some details I would suggest including in your email: 

  1. Write their name and customize it a little
  2. Your name(s) and number of people
  3. Where you’re from
  4. Some information about yourself, i.e. hobbies, languages you speak (if English isn’t their first language), why you want to WWOOF
  5. Which dates you will need a farm
  6. How long within those dates you would like to stay on their farm
  7. (Optional) Include a picture of yourself doing something outdoorsy 🙂

***Before you email hosts to ask if you can come, make sure you read through their description and haven’t already mentioned the months they accept WWOOFers, how many WWOOFers etc.***

Here’s an example:

Hello Roberto!

My friend Jane and I would love to come WWOOF on your farm! We will be in Italy from January 3-January 21 and would like to stay with you for 2 of those weeks. We want to WWOOF at your farm because we are interested in learning how to make olive oil and raise goats. Both of us are from Texas and we speak Spanish. Some of our hobbies are meeting new people, hiking, and cooking foods from other countries. Please let us know if you could host us any days during this time! 


Maddy and Jane

Keep good notes on what farms you write and what they say back. Ask them follow up questions like:

-What kind of work will we be doing during our visit?

-Do we need to bring our own sheets, towels, boots?

-How many hours per day and days per week do you want us to work?

-What are some attractions nearby that we could visit on the weekends?

-Do you have WiFi?

Other tips:

Don’t commit to anything until you’re sure you want to go to that exact farm. Let them know you got their email and tell them your plans within the next week. See what other emails you get first!

***If you don’t decide to go to their farm, let them know so they can accept other WWOOFers without worrying that you might still want to stay with them.***

Especially if you are staying somewhere for longer, I would suggest asking to Skype or learning more about them.

WWOOF hosts are generally altruistic people who want to share their knowledge and learn from their WWOOFers too!

Here’s another article on how to get WWOOF hosts:


Here are the names of the farms we went to and links to our summary:

  1. Azienda Agricola Crocevia (alla Pietara)
  2. Castello Di Potentino
  3. Az. Agr. Terre Di Giotto
  4. Villa Falerna

2016-02-02 09.41.18

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