Farm #1: Tuscania

Our first experience WWOOFing couldn’t have been any better. We stayed with Dario and Kirsten. Kirsten is Danish and Dario grew up in Tuscania. They were so lovely and accommodating, we had many great discussions and experiences with them.

They’re both over 50 years old so they had a Romanian farmer named Costantino do the manual labor and he was hilarious. He spoke Romanian and Italian, so we were forced to speak Italian right from the start. It set the base we needed for our Italian.

They had gotten a puppy 2 days before we arrived so we got to play with the cutest puppy ever, Bianca. 🙂

Some nuns came to pick lettuce and invited us for a monthly dinner so we got to experience the catholic culture so ingrained in the Italian culture!

We also met some foreign exchange students at the grocery store who became some of our very close friends. 🙂 All around, it was an AMAZING experience and we loved it.

Here’s a little more general info about this farm:

Location: Tuscania

Farm Name on WWOOF Website: Azienda Agricola Crocevia (alla Pietara)

Work: Vegetables, greenhouse, chickens, pigeons, horses

Hours: 8:30 am-1pm/lunch/3 pm-5pm (7 hours)

Length we stayed: 14 days


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