Farm #3: Gattaia

Our third farm was about an hour north of Florence and belongs to the coolest person ever, Michele. He has a cat named Valpo and son named Massimo and lived in a huge house he turned into his bachelor pad/wine storage center. He has a vineyard from the 70’s right next to his house and another vineyard up in the mountains in the town of Gattaia where he grows pinot noir, cabernet franc, riesling and many other grape varietals. We were his first WWOOFers! 🙂 He taught us a lot and was an amazing host. Michele is a Winemaker for over 20 different farms that practice biodynamic farming, so he knows a lot about organic wine (also, very good at the piano- see video below 🙂 )! He took us into town (Borgo San Lorenzo) to his friends’ pizza places and burger places and showed us some of the most amazing food! We really enjoyed pruning the vineyards again and learning how to prepare the soil for the growing season, but most of all we enjoyed eating his yummy breakfast cookies! 😉 Oh and also, it was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been; rolling hills, mountains in the distance, so green, and foggy in the mornings. ❤

Here’s a little more general info about this farm:

Location: Vicchio

Farm Name on WWOOF Website: Az. Agr. Terre Di Giotto

Work: pruning the vineyards, preparing the soil (biodynamic-ly)

Hours: varied hours, depending on the weather..but around 4 hours per day

Length we stayed: 8 days


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