Italy WWOOF Weekends

Generally, farms give you the weekends off. Here’s what we did with our weekends!

Farm #1 Tuscania:

Farm #2: Potentino


Farm #3: Gattaia

Farm#4: Mondragone

Well basically all of this farm was a weekend because.. read about it here.

At the end of our trip, our first farm asked us if we wanted to come take care of their puppy, Bianca, while they went to Milan for Easter. Here are some interesting pictures of their Good Friday and Easter celebrations:

Just so you know, they were the original wearers of this costume and have nothing to do with the KKK. 🙂 Read more about this tradition here.

Here are some other pictures of our time puppy-sitting:



We spent our last few days in Italy in Rome, one of the most amazing cities in the world.


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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Victória C says:

    Hey, what time of the year did you went to WWOOF in Italy? I’m really considering it but my vacations is in january and it’s winter there, so I’m afraid of a not so nice experience. (sorry about my rusty english)


    1. hazeldespain says:

      Hi Victória!
      We went February and March. The weather was pretty chilly, but if you wear enough layers it’s ok. If you go south of Rome it’s much warmer! 🙂 hope that helps!


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