6 rad things we learned on our trip to China

We took a family trip to Asia and it was so mind-opening. Here are some things we learned:

  1. China is basically its own planet. SO many people live there and only speak Mandarin. We are so small compared to them and that’s pretty incredible/humbling!
  2. If you think you studied Chinese for a year…you didn’t. Mandarin is extremely hard and all the different dialects and the speed at which they speak make it even more difficult! Most teachers say that it takes about 3 years of studying 2 hours every day to become fluent.
  3. You don’t have to be even remotely good to sing at Karaoke night, ask the super talented man who sang in Dali 😉
  4. They have so many hidden gems. Everywhere we went, we saw something we hadn’t seen before. The natural wonders we saw were unbelievable, and yet not that many people know about them. Luckily, their tourism marketing hasn’t picked up yet. The pictures below of Baisha, Dali, the Cangshan Mountains, and Tiger Leaping Gorge definitely prove it.
  5. Chinese people are not timid when it comes to pictures. Everywhere we went they’d ask to take selfies. When my dad was taking the pagoda jumping picture (below) they were crowded around and also attempting to learn from him. Most countries we take jumping pictures in are embarrassed for us and just pretend we’re not there haha!
  6. Lastly, being in a country so different from your own definitely brings you out of your comfort zone, but that’s a good thing!

Enjoy the pictures below! Almost all of them were taken by my dad. 🙂

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