My 5 favorite things about our trip to Vietnam

Sapa, Vietnam was my favorite part of the trip and here’s why:

  1. $10 for an hour long massage
  2. super cheap knock-off North Face apparel
  3. Bright green rice fields with cute hiking trails going through them, everywhere!
  4. Delicious food
  5. $10 for a motorcycle day rentalSo a basic day in Sapa goes like this: Hike 5 hours in STUNNING surroundings, take a break and eat delicious food, hike a little more, get a massage, go shopping and get tons of stuff for basically nothing.


    Hanoi was also so interesting! Everyone was wearing so many layers and masks on their bikes/motorcycles to prevent sun damage and protect from pollution…and it was SO HOT outside. Crazy!

Again, these pictures were taken by my Dad. I wish I could take Nat Geo status photos like these!

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