Kauai Christmas

Despain Family Christmas in Kauai was a blast 🙂 Here are some highlights:

-Na Pali Coast: Amaaazing hiking and beautiful coastline. Next time we go I’d for sure want to canoe or kayak next to the Na Pali coast, but the water was too high during the winter season.

-Waimea Canyon: they say it’s the Grand Canyon of Hawaii and I can see why!

-Tunnel Beach: My favorite beach we went to. It’s near the Na Pali coast and there’s a big cave next to it (Maniniholo Dry Cave). The waves were HUGE. Luke and I didn’t surf, but we did inhale about a gallon of saltwater while we were wave jumping there. 😉

-Farmer’s Market: Yummmmy fruits and interesting people to talk to

-Our hotel: We stayed at the Marriott Beach Lagoons, Kalanipu’u. They were so friendly and it was a beautiful place with a great location!

-Glass Beach: This used to be a landfill and had a lot of glass. Now the waves have weathered down the glass and made really cool colored stones. One of the locals told us it used to be a lot easier to find cool stones, but we still found a few! Most of the fun was just looking through the sand for small weathered glass pieces. 🙂

I thought we had more pictures than this, with the family and everything, but here are some highlight photos that show how GORGEOUS this place is!


Let us know what you think! Comment below 🙂


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