Gems in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah

I grew up in one of the most beautiful places: Heber, Utah. 🙂 Here are a few places I would highly recommend going for visitors and locals!

Deer Creek Trail: A wide rolling trail above the Deer Creek reservoir that’s perfect for mountain biking or running (you can even ride horses on it). It is located right before Soldier Hollow, here’s directions and more info. The trail runs along the entire length of the reservoir (8.03 miles). About 3 miles in as you turn the corner, you can see a beautiful angle of Timpanogus -the perfect reward for your morning run!


Disclaimer: The water doesn’t look like this normally… Also, picture credit: my father. I don’t have any of my own photos from this trail on my laptop, so I stole his 😉

Timpanogus Mountain: This place is MAGICAL. The hike up is lovely, steep, and beautiful, but once you get into the valley at the top, it’s like an entirely different world. The weather can change relatively quickly, there’s wild mountain goats everywhere, and it’s truly alpine. If you go end of July-August, you get to see the vibrant wildflowers, and it’s definitely worth it. The hike is 15 miles and takes about 5-7 hours if you’re pretty fit and 10+ if you take your time and lots of breaks. Some people hike during the night so they make it to the top for sunrise, I haven’t done that before but it’s on my list! We always hike up the Aspen Grove side- here’s some more info with a map. In the valley at the top, you can see Robert’s Horn and Emerald Lake. There’s even a little refuge for campers next to the lake. The hike from the lake to the peak is longer than you’d think and it reminds me of the Lord of the Rings for some reason. At the top you can sign your name on the metal hut and either go back the way you came or slide down a snow field. Timpanogus is not only lovely to look at from Heber valley, but also one of my absolute favorite hikes on earth and I highly recommend it.


Northfields: This is where I spent a large portion of my high school years. Northwest of main street, there’s a bunch of farming fields with dirt trails to walk, bike, and run on while enjoying a beautiful view of the mountains and cows. Each block is about 0.5 miles, which makes it easy for intervals or regular runs. Sadly, this land is not protected and there’s a lot of talk about putting a highway right through it. In fact, my favorite field (to trespass in 😉 ) recently had a house built on it -_-. To read more about the petition and projects against this click here and here.


Filler-up Coffee Station: A cute, funky little coffee shop with homemade ice cream and delicious food and drinks. My favorite ice cream that they have is their cake batter. :0 My momma (in law) sells gluten free blueberry muffins and breakfast bars there too, delicious! Here‘s more info and their Facebook page, (and a picture of some gorgeous hollyhocks on their patio from their Facebook page).


Guardsman Pass: Theres a steep, dirt road from Midway over Guardsman pass to Park City or Alta and it’s stunning. You get beautiful views of Heber valley on the way up and it’s alpine at the top. There’s even an Aspen grove that is said to be the one of the largest organism because all the aspens are connected! Driving through the Aspen grove is truly breathtaking. If you keep driving down the other side, you end up in Park City -a fancy mountain resort town with cute stores and awesome skiing. There’s some hiking at the top as well. I went from the aspen grove to Lamb’s Peak and it was a gorgeous hike! The road is closed in the winter. Here’s description of the drive and some more information.


Picture by Steve Greenwood

Deer Creek Reservoir: This has to be one of the most scenic reservoirs. It has Timpanogus and the rest of the Wasatch mountains in the background and is perfect for fishing and boating. We usually park at the Dock of the Bay, there’s a nice little “beach” to relax on and a little island to swim to (but be careful, it’s further away than it looks). Here’s more information on parking at Dock of the Bay.


Photo from

Chick’s Cafe: I worked here during high school and love this place. The food is definitely not healthy, but it tastes good! Chick’s Cafe has been in business for over 60 years. They are known for their amazing scones and chicken fried steak. The interior decoration is renovated and clean but still original for the most part. Shelley and Lynette are the owners and they are both HILARIOUS and kind-hearted people. This is definitely a place you should stop and eat at least once. If you see a sweet lady with short, blonde hair in her 40’s named Antje-she’s my mom, tip her well. 🙂 Here‘s more info.


-Memorial Hill: In Midway, this hill has great views of the mountains, valley, and reservoir. It also has a memorial to veterans from the area. It’s a mile to walk up (or you can drive). They close the gate to drive up at 7pm and open again at 8am.


Picture from Homestead Resort

-Dutch Hollow: These are mostly used as mountain bike trails, but you can run on them as well (sometimes it’s like running in a gutter because of the bike tracks). The sagebrush and beautiful views of the mountains make it really special. Here’s a map and the Facebook page.



Amazing photo by Mary Waterman

2015-10-28 16.07.41

-Daniel’s Summit: Up the canyon towards Strawberry Reservoir, there’s a great place to eat and snowmobile! It’s deep in the wilderness and the perfect place to drive around. Here’s more information on their website, and here’s more info on snowmobiling there.


Photo from Daniel’s Summit Lodge

-Center Creek Canyon: Towards Daniel’s Summit, but closer to town, there’s a peaceful trail up Center Creek Canyon. It’s a great location for camping and bonfires that’s not too far from Heber. Here are some directions.

You can click on the photos to enlarge them.



-Dottie’s Kolaches: Luke used to work here and absolutely loved the owners and their delicious ideas. This is one of 2 Kolache places in Utah! Kolaches are a Czech food with a special dough that has either fruit on top, or meat/eggs/veggies/cheese inside. They’re delicious! Also, they make really good dirty soda drinks and cinnamon rolls. Here’s their Facebook page.

Photos from Dottie’s Kolaches

If you have any other favorite places in Heber Valley, comment below! 🙂

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    the picture of deer creek is actually mine haha love you and the blog is AWSOME!!!


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