Cultural Food: Berlingots

In Cauterets, they have many shops that sell Berlingots – a specialty of this region. If you don’t want French people to look at you weird then pronounce it like this. They’re hard candies made of sugar, hot water and pretty interesting flavors like rose, poppy, and lychee. (They have normal flavors too in case you’re boring) 😉 Our host told us that they were invented because when the Romans settled the valley, the spring water tasted like sulfur. So, in order to get the gross taste out of their mouths, they invented Berlingots to eat after they drink the nasty water. Pretty smart!

Since I know you’re curious how they’re made-first, they heat up the syrup and let it cool a little on a flat tray. Then they knead it and use a hook to stretch it out. After it’s ready, they feed it through a machine that stamps it into the candy shape.

The best part is obviously eating them, but the process is fun to watch!


Stamping the candies into shape


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  1. Nancy Arabella Despain says:

    Yumm! reminds me of Christmas candy making 🙂

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