HOW do we travel?

I get a lot of messages asking how we afford to travel so much, so I thought I’d write a post for anyone who is wondering the same thing!

We don’t travel to have a relaxing vacation with lots of naps-not that it’s bad, we just prefer to save that for when we’re retired ;). Especially if you want to travel for longer amounts of time, sightseeing gets old (and expensive). The goal for our travels is to learn from other cultures and people and to deepen our understanding of the world. We LOVE meeting new people; We LOVE getting out of our comfort zones. I think it’s one of the best ways to grow as a person. If this is why you want to travel, keep reading!

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  1. We work really hard during the summers so we get the rest of the year off to travel. Luke manages a pest control sales team and I waitress. Sometimes we work a little over the winter to gain new skills and meet people.
  2. WORKAWAY! This is seriously the best thing ever. You pay about $30 for a year membership to the website and can message hosts who need help. When you’re with the hosts, you stay with them for free and they feed you. You work about 6 hours per day 5-6 days per week. The work varies, but most of the time it’s fun if you have a good attitude! This is not only a less expensive way to travel, but also a deeper cultural experience where you can gain knowledge and friendships. We love it! WWOOF is a similar program, but is not as well-organized as Workaway.
  3. Budget. We can make a lot of money in the summers, but if we don’t plan how we’re going to spend it, it will go away realll quick. We use Mint and Excel to keep track of how much we earn and how much we plan on spending to make sure we comfortably make it to the next working season. I also take notes on my phone of each purchase we make while we’re traveling so we know exactly how much of our budget we have left to spend on fun outings.
  4. Flight-Hunting. I use Skyscanner to find the best flights and book them pretty far in advance (60-90 days) to make sure we get a good price because they’re usually the most expensive part of our trip (thanks to workaway:)).
  5. Plan transportation. Using Rome2Rio to see bus and train prices helps you plan out a budget for your trips. It’s also super helpful in finding connections between smaller towns! (See this article on saving money on transportation in Europe)
  6. Hostels. When we aren’t with hosts and need a place to stay in a city, we use hostels. They’re inexpensive because you stay in the same room with strangers…but, it’s really fun because you get to meet young, adventurous people from around the world at hostels. My favorite website to find a place is Hostelworld.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 🙂

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