Hike: Lac De Gaube

There isn’t much information online about how to get to Lac De Gaube from Cauterets…and if there is, it’s in French. So, here’s what you need to know.

Duration from Cauterets- 
Cauterets to Raillère: 30 mins.

Raillère to Pont D’Espagne: 1.5 hours

Pont D’Espagne to Lac De Gaube: 1 hour (or you can take a lift and hike 15 mins- cost: 13€)


1. Go up the paved road that leads to Ferme Basque. This is on the end of town with the beautiful park and cinema.

2. 2 curves from the bottom turn left onto a wide path.

3. Take this path to La Raillère. When you get to La Raillère, turn right before the bridge and take the path that goes along the river. The path is called Chemin Des Cascades and will be marked by signs.

4. Take this all the way to Pont D’Espagna and from there you’ll see plenty of other signs that lead to Lac De Gaube.

I know those are very specific directions for a very small population…but there ya go!

The lake is absolutely beautiful! There are jagged stone mountains surrounding the bright blue water and there’s even a little Chateau to grab a bite to eat while you’re up there!

Here are some pictures and a video of our hike 🙂

The chateau next to Lac De GaubePyrenees trail marker 

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