Exploring Adorable French Mountain Town: Cauterets

Cauterets is about as storybook as it gets. Dainty French buildings with dainty French bakeries, filled with dainty French people. The winding streets and colorful buildings make you feel like you’re in a snowglobe!

Cauterets is a small French town in the Midi-Pyrenees region close to the Spanish border.


Cauterets on a map of France


Only about 1,000 people live here. The first resident was a hermit monk named Sabinus that came to live here alone in the 8th century. Victor Hugo wrote a poem about Cauterets in his third book (Les Luttes et les Rêves) and spent some time there as well. Now it’s a thriving tourist attraction with healing hot springs, a ski resort, hiking in the Pyrenees and Berlingot candy shops.
Here’s some more interesting information that our hosts told us about Cauterets:

Cauterets used to be a farming community. It had over 2,000 sheep! Now it has less than 300 sheep and thrives mainly off of tourism and skiing.

Kings and other royalty would come to Cauterets with their slew of servants and enjoy the hot springs and stunning scenery. That’s why there are many hotels in Cauterets.

Back in the 60’s, when the transition was happening from farming to becoming a resort town, residents of Cauterets would be shepherds in the daytime and then change into suits and bow ties to work in the Casino for the evening! Pretty funny transition to imagine!

Cauterets is a total gem and not a lot of people know about it! If you’re anywhere nearby, it’s definitely worth a visit. And, if you’re already there, visit Ferme Basque!

More info: Cauterets Official Website

Cauterets from Ferme Basque


Gave de Cauterets
Exploring 🙂
View from the ski lift building
After the rain in the central park area of town
More flowers 🙂
Cute banners everywhere
View from Ferme Basque


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