Hike: Lac D’Estom

The hike to Lac D’Estom is BEAUTIFUL. It goes through a lush, green valley surrounded by mountains. It’s near Lac De Gaube, on the other side of the mountains.
The only thing that went wrong was that we didn’t leave early enough. The clouds closed in on the mountains above Lac D’Estom right before we got there. I even ran uphill the last mile, but I was 5 minutes too late. 😥 It was actually pretty dramatic because I could see the clouds closing in super fast haha.
So...insider tip: When you’re hiking in the mountains, start early because, even if mornings are clear, afternoons are usually cloudy.
Later on we went on another hike that was sunny and went past Lac D’Estom and we got AMAZING pictures so definitely check out this page to see more!
It was STILL gorgeous even though fog was covering up the entire mountain range.
This is what it looks like when there aren’t clouds:

Photo Credit: lacsdespyrenees.com

Another cool thing that happened-a really nice local named Laurent picked us up when we were hitchhiking back to Cauterets. He’s a pro on all the hikes in this area and has given us so many tips!

Here are some pictures of our hike!

Pyrenees Mountain Cows


Cool Cylinder Hut on the Way to the Lake
Foggy Mountains
Beautiful Berries
Donkey with HUGE ears
The hike there was our favorite part!
Lunch by the lake
The lake (and fog covered mountains)
The Refuge next to Lac D’Estom


Such a beautiful hike!

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