Hike: Cabaliros

From the top of Cabaliros, you can see sooo many mountain peaks in the Pyrenees-including Vignemale (my favorite, and the biggest mountain in the French side of the Pyrenees). We started out from Ferme Basque and it took us about 5 hours total, but we were trying to get back before 2pm so usually it would take around 6-7 hours.
Fun Fact: There’s a race that held every year that goes from the church in Cauterets to the top of Cabaliros and back. The record right now is under 2 hours. So crazy!
It goes through a mystical-esque forest that reminded us of little red riding hood; a beautiful grassy valley and then finally on the ridge of the mountain range where you can see tons of beautiful peaks! We loved this hike and would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area! 🙂

Here are some pictures!

Sun split behind the mountains
Mountain Cows 🙂
Pretty steep, grassy trail
Almost at the top
So many mountains
Vulture over the pyrenees


At the top! 🙂



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