Hike: Tour Des Lacs

Most people that go to Pont d’Espagna hike to Lac Du Gaube and miss out on an amazing hike around over 3 different stunning lakes and the 2nd biggest refuge in France! Our favorite part of this hike was Lac Du Pourtet; the water is so blue, and since it’s in a valley the water is still and makes for a great reflection of the jagged mountains!

1. From Pont d’Espagna, go to Plateau Clot/Refuge Clot
2. Follow any sign that says Pont Cayan…there are a lot of different trails, just stay close to the river.
3. Once you get to Pont Cayan, you’ll see a trail on the right side of the valley with a sign that says Circuit De Lacs, follow it.
4. Go up through the switchbacks in the forest for a while
5. Once you get up, you’ll get to the first lakes-Lacs De L’Embarrat 
6. Keep going up, from the top you get a BEAUTIFUL view of the mountain peaks and 3 of the lakes you just passed! So pretty.
7. Once you get over the top, you’ll get to Lac de Pourtet-our favorite part of the hike. The water is SO blue and the peaks on the right are jagged and very unique-looking.
8. Keep going past Lac Portet and once you pass Lac Nere, try to stay in the valley to the right. We veered off to the left and had to bushwack a little.
9. Once you get into the valley below, you’ll see Refuge Wallon and the cute little chapel next to it. It’s the 2nd biggest refuge in France!
10. From here, keep going on the trail towards Pont d’Espagna, it’s a very easy walk back on the plateau 🙂

A GREAT website and resource for hiking in the pyrenees is pyrandonnees.fr.
Here is the link to a map of this hike.

Here are our pictures!

Trail up to the first lake
From the top of the saddle right before Lac du Pourtet
Rainbow in a waterfall!
Lac Du Pourtet
Lac Du Pourtet
Lac Du Pourtet, So blue!
Lac Du Pourtet
Lac Du Pourtet
Watercolor reflection in Lac Du Pourtet
Refuge Wallon
Church next to Refuge Wallon


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