Workaway Host: Ferme Basque

Ferme Basque is spectacular. It presents a very chic exterior/interior, delicious restaurant meals, and an unbeatable view of Cauterets. Our hosts, Chantal, Léon, and Aurelién, are the sweetest people and they have a great sense of humor. Read some more about Ferme Basque and their products here.

The work we do here as Workaway-ers is mostly helping in the kitchen because it’s September. We do a lot of dishes and peel vegetables. There are also other tasks like organizing the garage, arranging cans in their shop, weeding the garden, and making nettle soup. As it is for most Workaway jobs, the work you do varies depending on the season, weather etc.

We love the location, our hosts, the food and the general feeling of this Workaway visit so we’d recommend it to anyone! 🙂

Luke and I attempted to make a list of all the job titles we’ve had…for fun:

-Vegetable peeler
-Jar labeler
-Can stamper
-Box organizer
-Garage designer
-French pastry baker
-Stinging nettle de-leafer
-Soup blender
-Dish put-er away-er
-Garden weeder
-Dining room preparer
-Crate transporter
-Vegetable chopper
-Waitress (Even though it’s my job at home, it was probably the scariest one since I don’t know French haha)

So the next time we go to a job interview… 😉

Since I’m obsessed with lists, and just in case you do workaway here-here are the excursions we did while we were here:
Lac De Gaube
Lac D’Estom
Tour Des Lacs
Lac D’Ilheou
Walk to La Raillere
Loop from Ferme Basque through Cambasque
Hike from Pont D’Espagna to Frutiere through Vignemale
Le Paris Restaurant
Watched them make Berlingots
Took a chilly dip in the Gave Cauterets (Rive
Delicious Pastry from Patisserie Chez Gillou– Get the Russo Pastry if they have it!!
Sat in the city park and cloud-watched
Sat in the city square and people-watched
Went to the pharmacy for some french beauty products 😉
Look inside the Cauterets church
Go to the Pyrenees museum near the bus stop (We loved this!)
Shop at some of the outdoor stores in town
Things we didn’t do that are cool too:
Trip to Lourdes
Thermal Baths in Cauterets (another Workaway-er did this and loved it!)
Go to the Cinema
Shop at Laurent, our friend’s shop-No Limits (it was closed when we were there)
Play Tennis at the courts in town
Take the ski lift from town to Cambasque
Hike up Refuge Russel/Ardiden
Hike up Pic De Monne
Trip to/hiking in Gavernie

Chantal taking customers’ orders
Ferme Basque
Me doing the dishes 🙂


Beautiful lunch outside

Ferme Basque
Dinner with our hosts ❤
View from the balcony!
Leon mixing the nettle soup
Our adorbs room
Aurelien and his cabbages
Leon eating his veggie soup
Stamping exp. dates on lids
Suzy-another Workaway-er we made great friends with 🙂
Fig and Roquefort tart made by our fellow workaway-er Suzy 🙂
Inside their shop!
From their website

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