5 Must-Do Hikes Near Cauterets

We were workaway-ing at Ferme Basque and absolutely fell in love with this area. Here are  5 amazing hikes near Cauterets that we highly recommend. Each of these hikes are linked to pages with more details and pictures!

  1. Cabaliros:
    This hike goes to the top of Cabaliros and rewards you with views of the peaks of the pyrenees and Cauterets.
    Duration: 6-7 hours
    Difficulty: Hard
  2. Lac D’Ilheou:
    Beautiful lake with gorgeous stone mountains surrounding it. The locals call this hike “ugly” because there are no trees along the way, but we think its beautiful-and either way, the end result is worth it!
    Duration: 3-4 hours
    Difficulty: Easy
  3. Tour Des Lacs:
    Amazing hike that goes to our favorite lake-Lac Du Pourtet. Kind of hard to find, but there are directions on the blog.
    Duration: 6-7 hours
    Difficulty: Hard
  4. Lac D’Estom:
    Beautiful blue lake after a gradual uphill climb in a gorgeous valley. The water here is SO CLEAR and blue!
    Duration: 5-6 hours (from Cauterets; 3-4 hours from Frutiere)
    Difficulty: Medium
  5. Pont D’Espagna to Frutiere by Vignemale:
    If you only do one of these (and have the stamina to hike a long time) DO THIS ONE! It’s amazing and you get to see Lac De Gaube, Lac D’Estom and Vignemale all in one hike!
    Duration: 8-10 hours
    Difficulty: Medium
    img_0720Which hike would you go on first? 🙂 Comment below!

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