Workaway Host: Garry & Amanda

These hosts were THE most generous and lovely people. We loved our time with them and their family. The area is gorgeous and there’s a lot to see; but hands-down the best part was getting to know them.


The first week we were there, we helped clear out the apartment they’re renovating in downtown Uzes, made decorations for Scott’s (their 5 year old) birthday party, and helped at the birthday party. We made these cute little horse noodles that Amanda found a tutorial for on YouTube. 🙂

The second week, we started sanding and painting the rods on their fence. They are moving soon, so their property needed to look in tip-top shape for the potential buyers. 🙂 We listened to a lot of the Philosophize This! podcast while we were painting so we got to learn at the same time- one of our favorite things to do during mind-less Workaway tasks! Luke also bonded with Scotty as they both have a strong mutual interest in Legos haha 😉 Another highlight-Garry made us DELICIOUS pizza that we really enjoyed.

 Left: Benji           Right: Amanda and her entourage 😉

The third week, we housesat for them while they went to Dubai. We took care of Benji and Misha-their ADORABLE dogs. Benji is my favorite thing ever, we really miss him too 🙂 While we housesat, we cleared out and weeded all the garden beds at the front of the house and painted the front gate. They even let us borrow their motorbike while we were there, so we took a few outings to surrounding areas-our favorite was Nimes.

We would absolutely recommend doing Workaway with Garry and Amanda if you’re lucky enough to get the chance. They recently updated their page on Workaway so you can check it out here!

LOVE this picture haha ❤


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