Day trip to Magical Annecy (France)

After picking up our friend Cassidy from the Geneva airport, we drove a little further to Annecy, France. Our workaway hosts suggested it and we’re SO glad we went, it was gorgeous! We ate risotto at 20 Sur Vins. There you can taste up to 20 different wines with a cool mechanical pouring system where you can get “tasting sized” quantities so you can still walk after you leave the restaurant ;).
We were planning on renting bikes and going along the lake (that’s what our hosts suggested), but all the bike rental places are closed during the season we were there. If you get the chance to go, it looks like an amazing time!
Coming in December did have its advantages though because we got to go to their local Christmas market! Luke tried Macaroons for the first time. The market was right next to the canals that went through the town. It comes out of the Lac D’Annecy and has lots of colorful houses and hanging trees that line it.
Since we were there on a Sunday, so many people were walking around enjoying the sunny, but still brisk weather. Walking along the Lac D’Annecy was probably my favorite part. You can see the French Alps from the promenade on the lake and the water is SO blue. It was absolutely beautiful. Here are some pictures!img_2678-1Cass and me walking on the promenade

Lac D’Annecy and the French Alps!
img_2605-1Christmas Market img_2603
Reunited after 2 years 🙂img_2600-1
Beautiful canals going through Annecyimg_2621-1
Luke and me next to Lac D’Annecyimg_2674-1
Christmas Marketimg_2657-1
Cass under a Dr. Suess treeimg_2642-1White girl at the end of the dock pic 😉


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