Going Back in Time to the Gruyere Village

A tiny little village on a tiny hill with views of the alps. Beautiful cobblestone streets with beautiful old houses built with traditional architecture. Gruyere village is absolutely magical. I’d been there 10 years before for only about an hour, but still recognized it because it is just THAT unique. Here are some to-do suggestions for your visit:

1. Just walk around!
It’s really fun to just look at the gorgeous architecture and decorations in the town. There are lots of cute cafes and souvenir shops.


2. Have a drink at the HR Giger (Alien) Bar
The futuristic look and amazing details make it unbelievably cool. It was closed when we went, but it looked SO cool through the window. 🙂


3. Visit the Castle
Entrance is 7 Swiss Francs (about $7). Here are some more details about the castle and its history. A must-do is taking the short path around the castle. It offers great views of the mountains and castle!


4. Visit the HR Giger (Alien) Museum 
I don’t really know why there’s an Alien Museum or a Tibet Museum in the Gruyeres village-but it seems pretty cool. Entrance to the HG Giger is 12 Swiss Francs (about $12). (We didn’t go in because it was closed)

5. Visit the Tibet Museum
Odd location but seems really cool! That way you can not only get a dose of French-Swiss culture, but Tibetan as well haha. Entrance fee is 10 Swiss Francs (about $10).


Any other suggestions on things to do in the Gruyeres Village? Comment below!

Other things to do near Gruyeres Village:

Cailler Chocolate Factory– see my post on our tour here

-Jaunbach Gorge

-Jaun Village

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