5 Things to do in Lausanne, Switzerland

Lausanne is one of my new favorite cities! It has a small population but a lot of cultural heritage and things to see because it’s a very liberal city. It’s also very hilly-so it was interesting/terrifying to drive manual around the city haha.

We went there several times during our Workaway because it is only about 30 minutes away from Ogens. Our host, Marie, went to university in Lausanne and took us there to ice skate and go to a Mover company sale. We went for Luke’s birthday. We went to go shopping a few times. We went to see their Christmas market with Cassidy. We went to Port D’Ouchy and Luke hurt his shoulder really bad on a slide so we went home…haha. Lots of memories in a BEAUTIFUL city! Here are some amazing things to do in Lausanne:

1. Visit the Flon Quartier
This part used to be an industrial part of the city and they did an amazing job transforming it into a social place to be. There’s an adorable ice skating rink and even a disco rollerblading rink. Plus, lots of shops, bars, clubs, restaurants and a movie theater. We came to the ice skating rink with Marie and the kiddos and had a blast playing with them. Something cool about hanging out with kids is that you can play like a kid and people don’t look at you weird because they think you’re entertaining them-good cover ;).


Cool Chandelier lights and wire statues//Luke and his Zoolander face

Flon Quarter’s industrial modern architecture

Luke pushing Mila and Alanis//Alanis and me


2. Enjoy Hot Chocolate from the famous Bar a Cafe le Barbare
Their hot chocolate is borderline pudding. It’s either a very thick hot chocolate or a thin pudding, either way- it’s DELICIOUS! Luke had some for his birthday and it even came with a great view of the cathedral and Lausanne from their little patio!

3. Vielle Ville District (Old Town)
Adorable and so much to see! There’s tons of shopping and even a little clock in the main square with a wooden mechanical play every hour.


4. Lausanne Cathedral (La Cathedrale de Lausanne)
The view from the top of the Cathedral is AMAZING. You can see the French alps, Lausanne, and Lac Leman! We went here on Luke’s birthday. The entrance fee is only about 6 Swiss Francs per person (about $6). The inside of the Gothic Cathedral is also very impressive. It’s the biggest Cathedral in Switzerland! This page has a lot of really cool info about it as well.


5. Visit Port D’Ouchy
A beautiful bay next to the Olympic Museum and Chateau d’Ouchy. It was really windy while we were there but on sunny days, it is the place to hang out and have a picnic. There’s a pirate ship playground there with a big metal slide and of course Luke wanted to play on it because he’s a big kid (i love it). While I was getting a slow-mo video of him coming down the slide head-first and he fell on his shoulder pretty bad, so we didn’t stay very long. 😉 but it was fun to play on, just don’t go down head first because it’s deceptively fast!

Any other places you love in Lausanne or one you’d like to visit? Comment below!

Other things close by Lausanne:

-Castel Chillon

-UNESCO Vineyards-that are probably WAY prettier and more impressive when it’s sunny and they aren’t dead…but still fun to visit in the winter


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