My 10 Favorite Things About My Favorite City: Bern, Switzerland

Walking around in Bern feels like walking around in a Virtual Reality game. Everything is clean, adorable, and organized. There are so many things I love about Bern, but here are my top 10:

1- Bern’s Festive Christmas Decor
We were there in December, so we got to see the Berner Christmas Markt and all the CUTE decorations around the city. My favorite decoration was all the little pine trees that were placed a few stories up outside apartment and office windows lining the streets of the old town. The Christmas markets had lots of “Gluehwein” (Mulled wine) and carmelized almonds, and roasted chestnuts! So delicious.
Me in front of one of the christmas market’s pine fences 🙂
Cassidy walking through the Christmas market ❤

2. The Aare River Walking Path
On the East side of the Aare river there’s a beautiful path that goes along the bank. You can see the city and cathedrals the entire time and it’s a MUST-DO if you’re in Bern. Absolutely amazing! You can get there by going to the Bear Park and going down any path towards the water or doing the same on the other side by the Dalmazibruecke (bridge). In the Summer, restaurants give away plastic bags so you can take your clothes off and float down the river-and then put your clothes back on and take a stroll in the city. Honestly, nothing sounds better. 
Pano from the river path !
View from further along the trail towards the Bear Park

Path from the Dalmazibruecke to the Aare River
Cool reflection of the Berner Muenster from the other side 🙂

   2.5-Speaking of the Bear park- here are some adorbs pictures of Luke and I with  the bear statues. They were hibernating when we visited but I’m sure it’s fun to see them awake!


3-Bernisches Historisches Museum (Bern History Museum)
We spent a good 3 hours in the various sections of the museum and loved it! It costs 13 Swiss Francs (about $13)– and 24 Swiss Francs (about $24) if you want to see the Einstein exhibit as well. The exhibit had early geological and archeological history of the area, Modern history, Renaissance history, Medieval history, a tapestries and embroidery section, and many other interesting exhibits. I’d recommend going there and then walking along the river path afterwards!
Front entrance to the Museum
img_3138Intricate detail on a tapestry

4-Delicious food and bakeries!
Swiss-Germans really know how to bake amazing pastries. Pretty much any bakery shop is incredible. I love their pretzels and any type of fruit cakes. d66d9185e48ab9bf9775258bf66da582

5-The Swiss Brand Museum-
True, its’ really cool to see all the brands that were made in Switzerland and all the inventions and innovations, AND it’s free! Buttt, my favorite thing about this place is that they have a room with amazing chocolates in it to “sample” so you can stock up on snacks for your walk around town. 😉 Here‘s their facebook page.
This is the magical room of free chocolate samples


6- Covered walking around rown-Perfect for rainy days!
There’s covered walking along all the major streets which is really convenient and makes Bern the perfect place to visit ANYTIME. There’s also little underground shops like florists and interior design shops next to most arch pillars!

img_2988Behind the Bundeshaus

7- Zytglogge (Astronomical Clock)– literally translates to “time bell”
A beautiful astronomical clock that goes off every hour and puts on a little performance. It’s one of Bern’s biggest tourist attractions and it’s easy to see why. Here‘s more historical information about it.



8- Close proximity to the Alps!
Bern is only a 1 hour drive from Grindelwald and only 2 hours by train! Grindelwald and its surrounding areas is one of my absolute favorite places in the world. If you’re lucky enough to make it over there, some of the best hikes in that area are: Bachalpsee, Eiger Wand, and Oeschinensee. 
Oeschinensee (from my trip a few years ago)
Bachalpsee (also from my trip a few years ago)

9- Kornhauskeller (Restaurant)
The Kornhauskeller used to be a storage place for wine in the cellar and grains in the main building. We didn’t eat here because it’s ridiculously fancy (we didn’t even look at a menu). But they’re used to people coming down into their restaurant and looking at it. It looks exactly like those billionaire restaurants in James Bond movies! I’m not exactly a luxury travel blogger, but if you happen to be reading my blog and this sounds like a dining facility you would like to visit-here‘s their website ;). I mean it’s 30-60 dollars per plate, which isn’t THAT unreasonable, but I’d rather use that money on an Easy Jet plane ticket to another country-because transportation in Europe is just that affordable!
Selfie on the way down to the restaurant
Picture from the Bern tourism website


10-Muensterplatform-next to the Berner Muenster Cathedral
Next to the cathedral there’s a small park overlooking the Aare River with an Einstein Cafe and Harry Potter-esque trees! It’s a really unique spot with lots of charm. img_3124
The Muensterplatform is on top of the big stone wall left of the river- picture taken from the Dalmazibruecke

Things we didn’t visit that seemed really cool:
-Rosengarten (Rose Garden)
-Kunstmuseum (Art Museum)
-Paul Klee Museum

GIF view from the Kaefigturm

Those are some of the many reason I fell in love with this incredible city!

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