Sweet Tooth Heaven: Cailler Swiss Chocolate-Tasting Tour

Not only do you get a creative presentation of the history of chocolate from the cocoa beans of the amazon to modern production, but at Cailler you get a TASTING. There are over 8 different types of quality chocolate to sample for free at the end of the tour! We filled up on the cheap packaged chocolates at what we thought was the end of the tour, so don’t overdo it because the best is at the verrry end! The tour was only 14 Swiss Francs (about $14).

The tour goes through various rooms with moving displays and visual effects put to a narrated presentation. They recently remade the tour and did an amazing job! After those rooms, you can see a step by step of all the different people in the chain of production-from cocoa bean harvester to marketing manager. There are little bins with raw cocoa beans, vanilla beans, cocoa butter and other ingredients that go into their chocolate. Right before the tasting, you can see the factory production and packaging line through the glass. It’s really fun to watch them get packaged. The workers are very friendly as well!
After that there’s the best part-the tasting!

I’d definitely recommend coming to the Cailler factory. Chocolate is a huge part of the Swiss culture and history AND it was a fun experience!

Here‘s a great Cailler history timeline from their page.


Chocolate shop with thousands of chocolate bars


Have you had Cailler chocolate? Comment below!


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