Early Morning Hike Above the Clouds: Dent de Jaman

This particular morning was probably in the top 10 moments of my year. Waking up wayyy before the sun rises, driving to the pre-alps, running up Dent de Jaman in the dark and making it to the top above the clouds to see the sky turn cotton candy pink. The inversion of clouds covered Lac Leman making us feel even higher than we were. It felt unreal-like the whole world was still. I love doing things like this, especially first thing in the morning before most people have woken up yet. What made it even more fun was hiking with our host and his friend. Being up in the mountains, in nature, pushing my body and comfort zone to run up a mountain and brave the cold really made me feel alive. It motivated me to be in the mountains to ski more this winter and to reach out to adventurous people that I want to get to know better. After Dent De Jaman, we hiked a mountain adjacent to it. We saw amazing wildlife (Gemmy bock) while we bushwhacked on the way up. On the way down we basically bounced down the slope on the grass because it was so steep! It was a wonderful day. That night we flew from Geneva to Barcelona and slept in the airport…and then slept in the JFK airport the next night, haha. So it was a long day and maybe didn’t make sense to do before a long trip back, but I’ll be glad I did it for the rest of my life and would happily trade physical discomfort or exhaustion for memories like these. 

Blurry running up the mountain pic
Plateau before the climb up Dent De Jaman


Sunrise on Dent De Jaman


Top of Dent de Jaman with our host, Renaud!

Top of Dent de Jaman Sunriseimg_3390-1

Mountains we hiked on after we got down


Going back down

On Dent de Jaman-those clouds are inversion, covering Lac Leman


Their beautiful, durable roof design and some cute swiss flags with Dent de Jaman in the background

From the other peak, the mountain directly in front of us is Dent de Jamanimg_3405-1
Sunny rays

View from the other peak

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