Les Cabanes De Marie-Swiss Treehouse B&B

Our Workaway hosts, Marie and Renaud, built these incredible tree houses in their backyard. There are 3 treehouses and a set of Gypsy wagons named after their kids- Mathis, Mila, Alanis, and Cami.

Les Cabanes de Marie has a beautiful philosophy and goal to be a well-priced retreat for families and friends to experience their childhood dreams of sleeping in a treehouse; all while spending time in nature, re-simplifying their lives. A peaceful stream goes through their property and doubles as a cool water spa to dip in after heating up in the hot tub or sauna. Other activities they offer include horse rides,  massages, visiting their bunnies, and games in the common room.

Their treehouses are very environmentally friendly. They use dry toilets which work surprisingly well (if you don’t know what those are-read about them here). Admiring their job creatively decorating them with chinese and western themes makes it even more unique of an experience! Luke and I got to sleep in Mishu (the treehouse on the very top of the Cami treehouse). It was really comfortable, warm and enjoyable!

Marie and Renaud are also AMAZING at cooking. Every morning their guests get a breakfast basket with every breakfast item you can think of pulleyed up on a rope to their room in the trees. Guests may also order a picnic, raclet, or fondue basket for lunch or dinner as well.
In addition to offering a bed and breakfast, they offer team building activities and meeting locations that every company loves!

If you want to know more about their story and treehouses, visit their website here.

Below are pictures of the treehouses that I took while we were staying with them 🙂

img_3431Mathis treehouse
img_3415Alanis Treehouseimg_3417
Front of the Alanis treehouse-love the cowbells
Beds in Alanis treehouse
Cami treehouse-Mishu (the one we stayed in) is on the very top!
Front of the Cami treehouseimg_3429
Beds in the Cami treehouse
Dining table in the Cami treehouseimg_3437The Mila Gypsy wagonsimg_3439
Inside the Mila Gypsy wagon-designed by one of their friends who is an interior designerimg_3424Mathis treehouse and propertyimg_3435Adorable hot tub powered by wood burning!img_3433Mathis Treehouse from the bottom

It’s so inspiring to see that Renaud and Marie went after their dreams and built amazing lives for themselves and a heaven on earth for anyone who wants to visit it!


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