European Christmas Markets

Christmas markets are crowded, expensive, and yet absolutely MAGICAL.
And let’s face it, food is probably the best part so here were my favorites:
-Vin Chaud/Gluehwein (Mulled Wine-Hot wine with spices)
-Warm Candied Almonds
-Roasted Chestnuts
-Chocolate, of course!-they even had random objects made out of chocolate, like scissors.

The little stands are made out of wood and usually decorated with pine branches, they’re so adorable. We went to Christmas markets in Annecy, Lausanne, Bern, Montreux (and on our layover back, Copenhagen).

Here are some pictures:

in Annecy-

In Bern:

In Lausanne:

In Montreux:

Those are made out of chocolate!

Classic Swiss food 🙂img_2940-1
Floating live Santaimg_2950-1Our hosts’ son, Cami, pulling Luke’s hair out

What’s your favorite part about Christmas markets?

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