Workaway Host: Les Cabanes De Marie

Our last host for our trip this fall was an ADORABLE family that runs a tree house bed and breakfast in Switzerland! Our friend, Cassidy, came for the last 2 weeks and helped log pictures and clean tree houses. We had a blast working for them and getting to know them. Just a brief overview:
-Marie and Renaud have 4 kids: Mathis, Mila, Alanis and Camille.
-Treehouses and gypsy wagon are named after their kids 🙂
-Both are Swiss and grew up in the French-speaking part of Switzerland
-Lived in Hong Kong for a while before deciding to give up corporate life and start a Tree House B&B
-The tree houses are SO CUTE. See more details on my post about their B&B here.

The daily work:
-Make breakfast baskets-and lunch baskets if guests ordered them
-Change linens, made beds, clean treehouses
-Take out treehouses’ trash and dry toilets
-Clean common area/kitchen
-Help clean around the house, set the table, do the dishes etc.

The work was never more than 6 hours and was pretty flexible. They even let us use a car they have for Workawayers! On top of allll of that, they made most DELICIOUS food. Somehow they have this culinary ability to turn any left overs into an entirely new meal that tastes like it’s made in a 5 star restaurant.

The area is really cool as well, here are some things we did in the area and posts with more details:
Jaunbach Gorge hike
Lausanne (only 30 mins away)
-Yverdon Les Baines
Gruyere village
Cailler chocolate factory
Christmas markets
Dent de Jaman
-Lavaux Vineyard Terraces (UNESCO world heritage site)
-Chillon Castle
-Morges/Lac Leman
-Run with Renaud (if you visit ask him to show you his cool running route, but be prepared because he is pretty fast)
Ask them to take you to Brigand du Jorat to take a tour of their cheese factory!

Here are some pictures and descriptions with more info on our time doing Workaway here:

Their adorable house! See their tree houses here.

Camille, Mila, Mathis and Alanis doing rad poses//The beautiful trail next to their house

Meringue with a delicious Raisinee and double cream
//Dinner with lots of their cool friends

Luke got a Swiss Army knife from Marie & Renaud for his birthday :)//
Gorgeous frosty morning runs

Pretzel Santas, Christmastime pastry//
La Marmite de L’Escalde Chocolate tradition from Geneva

Zig Zag their super cute cat-always catching mice//
Camille globbing loads of jam on top of his sugar bread haha

Eggplant, mango dish! So delicious//
Foggy morning runs

Snowflake christmas decorations by Cass and I :)//
Morning run with Renaud and Luke

Alanis and Mila entertaining Luke for a car ride to Yverdon//
Marie and Camille cooking

Ice skating with Marie and the kids in Lausanne!

Mila and me skating//
We told Camille to smile for the camera while he was crying and got this cute face haha!

Cassidy’s fab frosting job//
Alanis-carrot cake and Mila’s-lemon birthday cakes

Decorating fox cookies so the kids can make them even cuter 🙂

Renaud’s carving of Luke’s name..but spelled the French way- Luc haha//
Luke’s path around the pond he made with Renaud

No automatic alt text available.Marie’s parents’ sheep :)//Embroidery practice
Their logo embroidered on a pillow case for the common area 🙂

Mila being cute as ever

As you can see, they are amazing and I’d definitely recommend doing Workaway here if you are lucky enough to get the chance. 🙂 We love their family and have so many great memories.

Here is their workaway profile!

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  1. Kevin says:

    That looks like a great location to vacation and explore! I would just go for the food from the sound of it! Great post!


    1. hazeldespain says:

      Thanks!! Yeah it was in a great location and great food 😉


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