Day Trip from Lausanne: Romainmotier & Dent De Vaulion

On the French-Swiss border, there’s an ADORABLE old town and not far from it there’s a mountain, Dent de Vaulion, where you can see Lac Leman and the alps from the top! The trip is only about an hour drive from Lausanne and is definitely worth visiting if you’re in the area. (see 5 things to do in Lausanne if you’re in the area as well).

Dent de Vaulion can be hiked from the bottom, but we just hiked to the top from Chalet d’Alpage Dent de Vaulion. It only took about 10 minutes. 🙂 From the top you can see so many gorgeous things, including Mont Blanc-the highest peak in Europe! It was a little cloudy on the mountains when we went, but still stunning.

Romainmotier is a really quiet, old town with a Gothic Abbey church that is the oldest Romanesque building in Switzerland! The vaulted ceilings and stone construction is very impressive. Next to the Abbey church, there’s an adorable tea room called Maison Du Prieur. They offer pies and tons of tea varieties. One of the traditional pies of the area is Raisinee, which is apples boiled down into a concentrate version. The environment in the tea room is also very adorable. Our hosts had a wedding reception here back when they got married and told us about this gem.

Notice all the different tea pots. They had another shelf with twice as much on the other wall!

The pie on the top of the picture is the Raisinee//
if you look closely you can see light bulb planters hanging on the window, so cute!

Found an adorable Christmas tree while walking around town after the tea room 🙂

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