3 Gorgeous Hikes in the French-Speaking Part of Switzerland

Although the Bernese part of the Swiss Alps is the most famous, the French speaking part has a lot of hidden gems. Here are a few of my favorite hikes in the Lausanne/Montreaux area:

1-Dent de Vaulion
Near Romainmotier and the Joux Valley, this hike gives you a beautiful view overlooking Lac Leman (Lake Geneva) and the alps! Plus, you can hit up the Tea Room in Romainmotier after! See my post about a Day trip from Lausanne: Romainmotier & Dent de Vaulion.


2-Jaunbach Gorge
The Jaunbach Gorge is only minutes from the Cailler Chocolate factory (the perfect reward after a nice hike) and it’s also close to the Gruyere village– two great things to do while in the French-speaking part of Switzerland! The gorge has lots of tunnels and bridges to make it even more fun. The color of the water and contrast with the trees is absolutely stunning. The walk through the gorge is gorge but it also comes out at a reservoir with beautiful views of Jaunpass and the mountains in the area. See my post about Hiking in the Enchanting Jaunbach Gorge.

3-Dent de Jaman
This hike was my favorite one. 🙂 Dent de Jaman is in the pre-alps behind Montreux. I went up with our host and his friend for a sunrise hike. The colors and views of the alps are worth waking up at any ungodly hour, that’s how beautiful it was. The hike o nly took about 45 minutes total. We were going pretty fast, but it’s not too long of a hike. There’s even a train that goes really close to the top. From the top of Jaman, (on a clear, not inverted day) you can see Montreux, Lac Leman and the gorgeous alps! Also at the top, near Dent de Jaman, there’s a really cool restaurant called Rochers de Naye that would be worth a visit. I didn’t go, but it looks amazing!
See my post on an Early Morning Hike Above the Clouds.


Do you have any favorite hikes in the area? Comment below! 🙂

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