Local’s Guide to Salt Lake City

This Winter, we lived in Salt Lake City for 4 months. I was blown away by how much I love Salt Lake and how many cool hidden places we found. So of course I made a few lists. My friend Riley and I made an “Ultimate Salt Lake City” google doc and added to it as we found new places. Lots of the suggestions came from her-she’s quite the foodie. Check out her instagram here and her new (and adorable) food blog here.

Here’s a list of my favorite lunch/dinnerย places:

Saffron Valley:
Indian food in the Avenues, absolutely delicious.
Bud’s Vegan Sandwiches:
such a creative menu with food that tastes great and it’s even Vegan!

Adorable French Cafe in the center of the city

Este Pizzeria:
Hip and delicious spot next to some cool murals

mediterranean restaurant with food combinations you’ve never tried and will love!

East Liberty Tap House:
chill restaurant on 9th and 9th with a great atmosphere and delicious fries

Mellow Mushroom:
delicious pizza and food place in Sugarhouse


Now Breakfast places, my favorite!

The Park Cafe:
Right next to Liberty Park, perfect place to grab a quick bite and then walk around the park! Their Park potatoes are the bomb.

Publik Kitchen (9th and 9th location):
Really delicious food and great environment. Afterwards, I like to walk around on 9th because it’s a really cool area.

Oasis Cafe:
One of my favorite all time places, anywhere! Really cool vibe, delicious food and there’s even a hippie book store inside the cafe.

Cafe Niche:
Quaint Cafe in a cute neighborhood with great food and service!

Finn’s Cafe:
Norwegian cafe in Sugar House with great food and cool design

Coffee and Ice Cream (because this deserves its own category haha)-
Salt Lake Roasting Company:
Cool spot near the library, has a cool interior and view of the city from the top floor

Dolcetti Gelato:
Favvvvorite place for ice cream (and they make delicious espressos too). The interior decor is really funky and cool and the service is great.

Coffee Garden:
A few stores down from Dolcetti’s-cool environment and city feel.
coffee garden.JPG

-Rose Establishment:
Pretty hipster cafe with cool atmosphere, but fair warning- no wifi…

Outdoor/Nature places:

Liberty Park:
Beautiful park with a mile running loop around it + a mini lake with a gazebo. There’s also an aviary with lots of cool birds. Lot of people go there on Sunday morning for the drum circle as well. Luke and I really like the playground there too ๐Ÿ™‚ The area immediately west of Liberty Park is one of my favorites as well.
liberty park

-Ensign Peak:
Short hike up a hill with a great view of the city and Wasatch mountains!

-City Creek Canyon:
Pretty area behind the capitol that’s popular for bikers and runners.

-Capitol Hill/Memory Grove:
Close to City Creek Canyon, and with a great view of the capitol and city. It’s next to the avenues so there’s lot of cute houses and streets to walk around on. See adorbs pic of my bff Sam and I below โค


-Street Mural Alley:
Really cool little alleyway right next to FICE gallery on 2nd. Just keep walking down the alley because there’s a lot of them!shoe mural

Boutiques and Stores:
Koo De Ker:
On 9th and 9th, super cute and pretty affordable too!

Also on 9th and 9th, very modern and minimalist, one of my favorites!

Vintage store on State Street with LOTS of cool finds. You’ll definitely find something unique there.

-Hip and Humble:
Most of these are on 9th and 9th, and this one is too ๐Ÿ™‚ Also, adorable. Similar to Koo De Ker. They have really cool houseware things!

-Apt. 202:
(on 9th and 9th) modern and feminine. I love their jewelry selection as well.

-Orchid Dynasty:
Warning-if you go here you’ll want to quit your job and become a florist. It’s adorable and so peaceful inside! We move around too much to adopt a plant, but I’m always tempted to when I come here.

orchids place

-Hob Nob:
Cool antique furniture store on…9th and 9th of course.

-FICE Gallery:
Street style store next to the alley with all the cool murals!

Things to do:
-Brewvies Cinema Pub on 200 West:
All movies are $6 on Tuesdays. They also have Free Classic movies on Mondays! I’ve haven’t been here because I wasn’t 21 until recently, but I’ve heard lots of great things about it!

-Salt Lake Art Center (Utah Contemporary Art Museum) on South West Temple:
Also on my list of things to see because I haven’t been yet!

-Utah Museum of Fine Arts on the U of U Campus:
It’s free on the 1st Wednesday of each month and the 3rd Saturday.ย 

-Gallery Stroll:
It’s a cool little event on the 3rd Friday of each month where artist show their pieces. Click the link for more details!

-Tower Theater:
It’s on 9th and 9th and part of the Salt Lake Film Society ~ so indiiie ๐Ÿ˜‰

-Atomic Arcade on South Highland:
A self ran arcade that makes you feel like you’re in a 80’s movie. There’s a cool custard place across the street too.

-Public Library on 400S:
The library is really cool and has amazing architecture! There’s even a cool summer concert series there, see their website for details.


-Area 51:
Dance club with a sweet 80’s night on Thursdays. It gets pretty busy!

-Clark Planetarium:
Fun little planetarium in a cool part of Salt Lake (although there are a lot of homeless people there lately). They have great IMAX movies and I’m told-star parties.

-McCune Mansion:
Beautiful old mansion overlooking salt lake in the avenues. You can book a tour or event there. Highly recommended! My favorite part is their ballroom on the top floor.

-Megaplex Movie Theater:
All megaplex theaters have $5 Tuesdays. ๐Ÿ™‚

-Winter Farmer’s Market:
Every Saturday from 10am-2pm at the Rio Grande Depot from the beginning of November until the end of April.ย 
It’s not really big on fresh produce, but there were lot of cool local products like salsas, lotions, kombucha etc.


-Summer Farmer’s Market:
Every Saturday from 8am-2pm at Pioneer Park from the beginning of June until the end of October. I haven’t been to this one, but I really want to! ๐Ÿ™‚


Obviously SLC has world-class skiing and is definitely worth a trip. My personal favorite is Deer Valley because it’s amenities and the gorgeous tree runs, but pretty much all of them are amazing!


Things still on my list:
-Tulie Bakery
-Takashi (sushi)
-Bruges Waffles
-Ruth’s Diner
-The Tea Grotto
-Skewered (Thai)
-Eva’s Bakery (French)
-Hiking Diamond Fork Hot Springs

Please comment below with any recommendations or comments about what to do in Salt Lake!

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