Bryce Canyon Trip

Bryce is one of the most underrated of the 5 Utah National Parks! It’s shockingly beautiful and the hiking trails are amazing.

We stayed at Cabin Hollow Campground in Red Canyon. There’s a fire ring and paved bike trail along the main road that goes from Red Canyon to Bryce Canyon NP. + it’s free!
Here’s a link to the exact location on Campendium:

-Sunrise at Sunrise Point:
It’s definitely worth waking up early for it. The sun peaks over the horizon and hits the hoodoos in the amphitheater with a warm glow.


-Navajo Loop Trail:
This is their most popular trail; it’s only 1.2 miles round trip and goes through the hoodoos, wall street and gorgeous fir trees.

After sunrise we grabbed our yoga mats and went to Navajo Loop-Starts at Sunset Point


IMG_4955View from the top

View from the bottom towards the end of the loop 

So happy 🙂 Top of Navajo Loop

IMG_4854Luke going down the Navajo Loop

Slot canyon in Navajo Loop

Couldn’t stop taking pictures haha

Peek-a-Boo Loop:
This loop is an extra 3 mile loop you can find after you go through the slot canyon in Navajo Loop. It’s absolutely gorgeous and the trail is fun to hike. We found tons of little holes in the rocks with the blue sky in the background! About a mile into our hike, Luke found a small path to the perfect yoga spot (see below).

Hole in the rock//Picture nice Swiss couple took of us

Cool path through some rocks//Luke looking cool with the hoodoos

These hoodoos were one of our favorites

Blue Jay friend//Horse + Cowboy tour passing by

Giant cathedral-looking rock//Ponderosa pines and hiking boot footprints

-Yoga on Peek-a-Boo Loop:
We hiked off the path a little on a smaller path and found a semi-flat place to do some scenic yoga and eat lunch. It was on a ridge surrounded by cliffs and hoodoos!

Little path Luke found to a secluded area, perfect place for yoga 🙂

Beautiful view through two giant rocks

Yoga spot !!

IMG_7489On the way out


Red Canyon Bike Trail:


-Cabin Hollow-Camping (in Red Canyon):

Cooking lunch//View from red canyon bike trail parking

Cabin Hollow Campground !!

-New friends ♥ :

Our neighbors camping next to us at Cabin Hollow-Peggy and Steve. Really friendly couple with 3 cats traveling from Wisconsin. They let us use their generator and gave us the most delicious s’mores <3.

We met Ron and his wife Pam a couple times at Bryce because he always sat in the same area. They’re from Florida and were really fun to talk to about life and the future of earth :). 


Any tips for our visit to Bryce next time? Comment below 🙂

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