Magical Day at La Jolla Beach

I use the word magical a lot…
but so many places are just so amazing that it’s the perfect adjective for them.

North of San Diego in La Jolla, there’s a fancy beach town with cliffs and walkways through gorgeous neighborhoods. There’s even a protected little area of the beach (Children’s Pool) where seals take their naps and you can watch from a small distance. During low tide, there are little tide pools (La Jolla Tide Pools) where you can see the critters the ocean left behind.

Also, there are amazing plants and flowers everywhere so naturally I collected some along our walk πŸ™‚



La Jolla Shore



found Catcher in the Rye at a used bookstore and reread it πŸ™‚ such a great book ❀




La Jolla Shore


Seals at Children’s Pool

La Jolla Tide Pools- we saw some little sea anemones and fish πŸ™‚



Cloudy but amazing beach day

We’ll be in San Diego for another week or two so sound off with any tips and places to see in the area! ❀

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