Cleveland National Forest

We camped about an hour from San Diego in Cleveland National Forest (Bobcat Meadows Campground). It was a great camping spot and there were so many unique plants and beautiful sunsets.

The terrain is mystical-looking with all of the jagged grey boulders peaking out of the sagebrush and wildflowers.

On our first night, one of the rangers, Curt, came down to see our airstream-he and his wife travel around in a camper sometimes too. The next day we went up and visited him in the fire tower. The view was amazing and all the rangers there are so nice! If you go make sure to check it out-los pinos fire watch tower.

Camp set up

painting next season’s line on a nice picnic table near the site 🙂

wildflower bouquet

Hummingbirds at the fire watch tower

Sunset and our friend Joel

Lava sunset

The ranger working at the fire watch tower said that this sunset was the most amazing one he’d ever seen there!

In the los pinos fire watch tower

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