10 Reasons to Visit Big Sur

We stopped to visit Big Sur for a few days on our way up the coast. It’s an amazing area and has a mystical feeling.
There are many reasons to visit Big Sur, but here are my top 10 reasons:

  1. The breathtaking drive up highway one
    Rocky coastlines with fading cliffs and endless view of the blue ocean
  2. McWay Falls
    Cove with an unreal waterfall flowing straight into a pristine blue ocean. You can’t go to the beach, but the view from the trail is worth the short walk (access from Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park). 
  3. Ewoldsen Trail
    Mystical trail through redwoods and a perfectly clear stream surrounded by clovers. You’d almost half-expect fairies to be floating around in the air. 
  4. The Coastal Redwoods
    Highly adaptive to the changing climate on the big sur coast, they have tough bark and really cool pine cones (my favorite pine cones!). 
  5. Partington Cove
    Short hike down from the highway to bright blue waves crashing into light grey rocks and a cool bridge through sequoias.
  6. Big Sur Deli and Taphouse
    Local vibe with great draft selection and reasonably priced deli items. Also makes you feel like you’re in a 300 old tavern with lots of lively locals.


  7. Cycling highway one
    The road is windy and there isn’t much room to get off the road if a car is coming, but it’s totally worth it, just be as safe as you can. 🙂

  8. Beautiful and unique plants
    Every place we’ve been has so many gorgeous varities of plants, I joke that the main reason we came on this trip was to widen my pressed plant collection haha. I really enjoyed the selection at big sur. Including indian paintbrush, sequoias, and pampas grass.
  9. Escalen Institute Thermal Baths
    We went during the off-season and they are only open during the summer, but I would have loved to visit their thermal baths and enjoy the serene environment described by most reviews of this place. You do need reservations but it’s only about $30 to use the pools!
  10. Do Nothing
    The resounding motto here is to “do nothing” and just enjoy the beautiful landscape and serene environment. Everything here is so wild and untouched. I will include a disclaimer that we visited during the off-season…we’ve heard horror stories of thousands of people trying to find a place to camp during the summer, so I’d definitely recommend planning out a trip during the spring/fall months!


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